Men Have The Advantage in Losing Weight

Men Have The Advantage in Losing Weight
Men Have The Advantage in Losing Weight

Men Have The Advantage in Losing Weight. Women have been given a hormone that can potentially prevent them from losing weight. It’s known as estrogen.

It’s possible you’ve heard of it. So, unless they’re estrogen-dependent, the real trick to losing weight for guys is simply eating less calories than they burn. But it isn’t quite that straightforward.

Every Day, Eat Less

Simply eating fewer calories each day may result in weight loss, but in order to know how much less you’re eating, you must either follow a tight regulated diet or record calories in everything you eat.

Who wants to be the one to do it? Men will frequently try something else that will not work for long: they will stop eating. They’ll skip meals throughout the day and just eat at night, believing that this will help them lose weight.

This will work for a short while, but their bodies will eventually go into hunger mode. The human body is an amazing piece of machinery. If you’re trying to lose weight by eating fewer calories, your body will detect the decrease in food intake and go into panic mode.

When this happens, your body will do two things: it will slow down your metabolism and begin to store even more fat in preparation for times when food intake is exceedingly low.

This is obviously going to work against you. Eat six modest meals a day to keep your metabolism up and your body out of famine mode, which is the traditional strategy to combat this problem.

I think this works more for women than it does for men, because males appear to be able to go for hours without eating and not even know it.

As we get back on track, those six meals may become only four one day, three the next, and, oh yeah, six the following. Complicating matters, the six-meal-a-day diet normally entails six meals of bland diet food.

Diet Adherence Is Horrible In Men

It’s a proven fact. We despise diet foods and prefer our beer, potato chips, and red meat. Calorie restriction becomes tedious quickly.

Is there a way for men to lose weight without giving up their favorite meals or following a rigorous diet? There is, indeed.

I finally settled on intermittent fasting as the end all, be all, optimum technique for guys to lose weight after trying all the other severe methods of reducing weight, which all worked.

The principle is straightforward. If you eat regularly most days of the week and then fast for short periods of time, you will consume less calories and lose weight, but your body will never go into starvation mode.

Your metabolism and energy levels stay high, allowing you to resume your normal life once you’ve lost the weight you need to lose without the post-diet weight gain that comes with standard diet approaches.

Isn’t fasting difficult?

It’s actually fairly simple, especially for guys, who don’t appear to become as angry as women when they go longer periods without eating.

Most guys find it quite simple to go twenty-four hours without eating because they usually have enough to accomplish.

Furthermore, knowing that you’ll resume eating with your regular meals after the fasting period means you’ll never feel like you’re on a diet.

Many weight loss plans state that you can continue to eat the things you enjoy, but in my experience, they only mean in little portions.

Even if you insist on eating a half gallon of ice cream throughout the game, intermittent fasting works. When done correctly, I feel it is the most effective weight reduction for men approach available.

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